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Roger Asay, Publisher/Owner, Asay Media Network

About Us

Founded in 1987, Asay Media Network is the publisher of the original Locator Magazine. We specialize in the office machines and business equipment industry. We serve Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Brokers, Dealers, Retailers, Service Companies, Financing, Leasing, and Importers/Exporters.

In 1991, Asay Media helped open the door to U.S. companies who wanted to sell their products and services overseas by introducing the International Edition of the Locator Magazine, now an online publication.

The company also operates several websites, including: has become Asay Media Network's flagship site. With its limitless capabilities and its unique innovations, OMBE is quickly becoming the fastest and simplest way for industry buyers and sellers to generate business.

Sales Lead Generation: Over 25 years of lead-generating experience

As the global industry leader, our goal at Asay Media Network is to bring buyers and sellers together. We have achieved our leadership role by generating more targeted sales leads of active buyers for our customers than any other industry source since 1987.

For over 25 years we have expanded and maintained a large customer base for the Locator Magazine and Asay Media Network has more customers and content viewers than any other industry source.

Asay Media Users by Job Type/Position

Asay Media Users

We invest each day in finding new qualified buyers and sellers to subscribe to our services. We have seen the Internet become an indispensable business tool. With that knowledge, we invested in extensive research and development and made the transition to being 100% Internet driven.

The Internet gives immediate response to new products and services on a 24/7 basis. We offer you a variety of options to utilize the Internet and to showcase avariety of products and services — Our service options allow you to generate maximum leads at minimal cost.

All of our principal Web sites are ranked in the top 10% for highest traffic in the world. The Copier Network Web site is ranked in the top 1%, as its traffic has more than doubled.

Since converting Asay Media Network to an all-Internet format, our user base is larger today than ever before. The rapid increase of international and global users has been substantial.

The users who make up our target audience represent a wide cross-section of the industry from Sales Associates to company Presidents.

Brand-Building: Invest with the Leader

The more often your company’s name and its products are listed (in an efficient and organized manner), the more leads you generate. Asay Media's sites reach a large targeted audience — building the brand names of your company.

OMBE Categories

OMBE: Sample of product listings by category

• Press Releases - Publish your press release(s) on our targeted websites at NO CHARGE. They are an excellent brand-building tool we offer. You can put your company name in front of thousands of visitors from across the globe. This is an excellent brand-building tool we offer you free of charge.

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• While our company provides you ways to build your brand, the following are links to articles that discuss brand-building strategies.

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